Running up hot on the heels of his ‘I Can Feel’ Sunlounger collab, Dennis Sheperd gives summer the most righteous of send-offs with ‘In Your Hands’. Widening the lens on his third album, Dennis has also expanded its artistic deck, teaming up with George Jema & Eric Lumiere for the release.

Swapping big seasonal feels for lyrically emotional heft, the second single from ‘Find The Sunrise’ transcends clubfloor & airwave to bring a timeless appeal.

Verse through chorus, Eric weighs in with a song that contemplates destiny, faith in others and the indelible mark left by love’s last kiss. His unmistakable, unforgettable tones go straight to the thematic heart, while his lyrics connect over land, sea & sky.

Musically, Dennis and George set blueprints aside to swing a idiosyncratically distinctive staggered riff across the production’s biggest moments, stepping its synth melodies down before they pirouette back up to meet Eric’s falsetto moments.

Says Dennis of the release “It was an amazing experience to be working with George and Eric on this record. All of us contributed in a great way to the collaboration. I feel with ‘In Your Hands’, the lyrics perfectly connect with the music and we have created a song that goes deeper than most Electronic Dance Music tracks. I am excited to make this record the second single release of my upcoming album.

‘In Your Hands’ drops today and is available though all good streaming & sales platforms via this link (

‘Find The Sunrise’ – Dennis Sheperd’s third studio album – will be released in Jan 2021.


01: Dennis Sheperd x George Jema x Eric Lumiere – ‘In Your Hands’ (Extended Mix)
02: Dennis Sheperd x George Jema x Eric Lumiere – ‘In Your Hands’ (Original Mix)