When you listen to Good For Society, Bad For Humanity”, it’s not just the energy and video game soundtrack vibes that will draw you in. This track not only had multiple layers of sound but is a piece of the puzzle of a journey through Blood Code’s true artistic obsession with Anime.


”Good For Society, Bad for Humanity” features Tokyo pop singer Edo Lena that adds major authenticity and credibility to Blood Code’s dive into the world of Anime from a unique and personal perspective.  The track’s complexity brings together techy video game sound effects, rock, some future bass and vocals that tie this story together. 


Blood Code has a vision bigger than the track itself. He explains it best, saying “This will be a musically driven anime focusing on using musical artists from the gaming and anime communities to write action-based micro symphonies to the animated fight sequences giving it an immersive fourth dimension to the end-user.”


After you check out the track from one of the links below, be sure to read about the entire concept while you are there!

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Edo Lina’s Instagram