At the beginning of 2020, the self proclaimed “Donut King” Earl the Kid was in the midst of planning the US leg of his Donut Invasion tour with several cities booked across the country.  Since then COVID-19 started to settle in the EDM industry has gone online, so while Earl the Kid fans will have to wait to see him in person, his fan base stayed connected through the multiple livestream events he has been a part of.  Meanwhile, the London based dubstep DJ has made the most of the life post shutdown, staying busy making new music.

Behind the non-Coronavirus related mask that covers his face is a young producer that is more genuine and wiser than many of his peers, with a mission to inspire and serve as an outlet for anyone who may find comfort in it.  Like any great music, Earl’s music falls in an undefined, one-of-a-kind genre.  Each track has a sound that could arguably fit in a number of genres but none that encapsulate each track in their entirety.  But his talent doesn’t begin and end with his producing abilities.

From the business end, his knowledge of the industry shows command of the task at hand.  Before hiring his own team, Earl the Kid was running his own career, taking the lessons he learned for things like promotion, booking, networking that he was adamant in understanding and executing himself.  This foundation of information allowed Earl to not only hire the best team but is in the unique position to step into any role when needed.

When it comes to the music side of things, Earl the Kid is in music for all the right reasons: expression and connection.  The end goal is not one of monetary gain or being adored simply for his on-stage performance, but to be a outlet for himself and for his fans that is always available, always understanding and always a source of energy to go to when the world is out of sorts and you need a reminder that you are not alone, and that this too shall pass.  The rest of the time, Earl the Kid’s music is for the love of the EDM community. Check out our exclusive interview with Earl the Kid below!

What have been the most meaningful moments in your life that helped define you as an artist today?

My life has been pretty hectic, full of ups and downs but I am totally grateful about those because I do not have any regrets. Every step I took/am taking is meaningful: from performing in front of an empty dance floor to a sold out show in another country, from being rejected by labels and management to reaching 10K streamings in a couple of days.


What are your rules to live by as an artist that you vow to never break?

The essential of being an artist is to have only one rule: not to have rules (haha). No one can stop my creativity because it is unique for any artist. People who are being “corrupted” by a third party means that they only do that to reach fame and money.


What does happiness look like for you and how does your music play a part in this?

First of all, if I was happy I would not me inspired to make music. I just convert my feelings/emotions into music especially for such a heavy genre. Anytime I listen to something it has to have an impact on me otherwise I will not be interested at all.


Are there parts of the industry that you’ve learned was not what you were expecting?

A good reason to be still a “Kid” is not to have any expectations because if you have some, in a way or another you will be disappointed. I am experiencing my music journey in its entirety as it is unique and full of surprises. Every day when I wake up, I’m alive and curious to see what will happen to me and take control of it.


 What is your take on the world today?

Well, I definitely want to see the world in peace and everything that comes along with it. The change is happening from a small situation that leads by example to something bigger.


What else in your life do you find is important for better generations to follow?

– Everyone, not just the future generations, should make music for the pure sense of it. Chasing money and preaching for the clout is just so materialistic and superficial, even though the actual society is putting loads of pressure on us about it.


How long have you been working on this release?

– I started to work on it after my Halloween Tour. I am kinda “goth” so Halloween is like Christmas to me.  Then when we got into lockdown I completely changed the tracklist and some of the individual tracks.

What did you set out to accomplish with this EP?

 do not have any expectations in general but I am grateful because I managed to improve my sound, making it even more filthy.  Every album/EP I release, I always want to give to the audience a 360 experience, that’s why my team is so important to me. My graphic designer is the one who is capable of making my insane ideas a reality (the one and only @hillyhd). (Official release date 15th of July – date of my dead best friend’s birthday)


What were your plans before coronavirus?

I had to reschedule my American tour (Donut Invasion Tour) so my team (Gabriele (WI), Arianna (CA), Angel (CO), Julian and Ian (FL)) and I are figuring out when will be the best period to do it.  I am kinda thankful about this lockdown (yeah, it sounds like a paradox), but it gave us the opportunity to slow down and to focus more on ourselves.


What have you heard about the US that you were looking forward to experiencing?

I have been in the states quite a few times and I am completely in love. Since I got back to England from my first American tour I had the classic “post-tour depression” that also taught me that US caught a piece of my heart.


What artists do you admire?

My background is kinda peculiar because I started listening to the 80s new wave when I was 5-6 years old, thanks to my parents who managed to direct me to the good sound. Then when I was 10-11 and I started skateboarding, I got into heavy metal and punk rock music which has been a big influence as well.  My transition to EDM happened when I was 16 years old, however I am still collecting records/vinyls.

My main inspirations are Depeche Mode, ATLiens, UZ, Drab Majesty, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Motley Crue and so on, I can list loads.


What pre or post show rituals do you have

Pre and post rituals are obviously donuts 🙂 and I also share them with the audience (I am a gentleman so I do not throw them in the crowd, I offer them gently). 

I do meditate a lot, especially before a show; that give me the opportunity to focus and to cool down my stage anxiety. In a certain way I swap that anxiety with adrenaline (one of the reasons why I do not touch any drug).

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