American musician, producer, performer, songwriter, YouTube ‘Verified’ artist, Daniel Corona aka Dr. Travel, a big travel lover and Instagram blogger with over 300k subscribers this month has featured two incredible EDM tracks “Never Let Go” and “Fall With You”, which mixed an old-school vibe with an energetic EDM festival sound.  His creative style of blending catchy lyrics with an upbeat rhythm (and a little rap) are turning heads in the industry.  The songs are very motivating and are inspiring people to live their best lives.  We can definitely expect to see Dr. Travel’s music being played at many EDM festivals in the future and stay tuned for his new album to drop later this year!

Dr. Travel has been to 65 countries around the World and uses this Global experience to network with some of the biggest names in the music industry.  He applies this knowledge when writing all of his lyrics and if you listen close enough, you’ll almost feel like you’re sipping on a drink on an exotic Island or wine tasting around Italy.  You might recognize him from being seen on ‘Good Morning America’ and multiple news stations across the country where he was ‘salsa dancing’ with a flamingo in Aruba!  Follow @DrTravel_Official on Instagram and send him a DM as he loves to communicate with his fans daily and he’s always open to collaborating to create that next top EDM hit!

Here is where you can contact Dr. Travel on his socials: