Jacob Colon is an artist who walks to the beat of his own drum, producing stand out house tracks with a whole concoction of ideas and influences that are placed perfectly into on single track. His release ‘Work’ has been doing the rounds in the electronic scene and has been drawing tons of attention. We caught up with Jacob to find out more about this release.


What was the idea behind ‘Work’?

The main idea behind this was the drum section. This song is driven by the concept which the speaker preaches.


Did you struggle creating any part of the song?

Once I was able to find the right vocal, I just needed to structure each section properly.


Did you have some sort of lightbulb moment as to how good the track was going to be?

Of course. If you don’t get that, the song shouldn’t be released. That’s what you call the gut feeling.


How has the initial reaction been like?

So far, amazing. I’ve been able to hear this song played throughout numerous clubs here in NYC (of course before the virus pandemic).


Did your vision change at all during the creation process?

Not so much. I’ve had this concept for a while now. Once the song was coming together with the main elements, the final edits and changes were easy.


Can we hear any of your musical influences in ‘Work?

A great friend of mine, Marcus Gill, is a motivational speaker/pastor. Growing up we shared similar backgrounds in music and values. He is very animated when he speaks and when I heard the vocal section I used for Work, I thought of him and knew I needed to use it.


What were your aims when you first started making the track?

Heavy drums


What is your favourite part of the track?

The build-up into the phrase work


What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

More music, what else 


Where can people go to download their copy?

All music platforms.


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