Quarantine is creating hard times for most people in the world, making music more meaningful than ever for fans trusting their favorite artist to help them get through it with their music. For PLS&TY (Please and Thank You), his mission for his latest EP, “Very Special” was for his music to embody positivity and create a world of its own to escape to when the real world starts to become overwhelming. After listening to the EP, reading the feedback from fans and seeing the millions of streams across multiple platforms, it is safe to say that his mission was accomplished.

 PLS&TY has a list of accomplishments beyond impressive, especially for being on the younger side of his career as a producer.  Ultra, EDC Vegas, a collaboration with Sean Kingston, TV commercial soundtrack and multiple appearances at #1 on Apple Music could only be possible by a certain, special type of artist who connects with their fans on a deeper level.  The future bass producer has a versatile collection of tracks both original and remixes, with millions of plays on Spotify for his “Very Special” EP –  and it was just released last month.  Tie that in to the tens of millions of plays he has just on Spotify, his popular line of merch, his own headlining tour and opening for the biggest EDM artists in the world, PLS&TY’s success has grown exponentially as he continues to push himself harder each time another milestone is met.

We are beyond excited and honored to have PLS&TY takeover IWANTEDM’s Instagram tonight at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific!  He has been interviewed by nearly every publication out there, so here are a few more questions to read before his livestream tonight.

Going back through the catalog of the tracks that you have released on SoundCloud, Spotify and all the big streaming platforms, you’ve collected tens of millions of plays on everything from your remixes to your more recently released EPs that you produced yourself.  How has your style changed over the years to where you are today?

I believe that with a ton of practice, your skills definitely become more fine-tuned. Nonetheless, the process has stayed the same. Inspiration to write music for me comes in the most random of moments, and when it comes, it’s all about being ready. I’ll also note that music should never come from a forced place, and should transpire naturally.


Where do you go for inspiration for new music?  Have there been times where it’s been too hard to find that spark to get a track finished?

Traveling never fails to inspire me.  Seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new things… It’s newness that sanctions growth and inspiration for me in every aspect of life.


Can you tell us a little bit about your new “Very Special” EP? What was the inspiration behind it?

The “Very Special” EP features Sean Kingston, Alex Aiono, Wifisfuneral, and more!  The record comes at a time when so much uncertainty and negativity exist in today’s world.  I desire for the songs on the EP to be an escape for listeners everywhere.  The EP project as a whole represents an abundance of joy, with each record encapsulating positivity and an uplifting message.  


Was there a moment where you felt that this could be a career for you?

I wouldn’t say there is one moment in particular which helped me realize that I wanted to pursue music in a more serious capacity. There have been a culmination of great successes and opportunities that continue to propel me forward, including a collection of chart topping singles, ”Good Vibes” (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts), “Down For Me”, “Rebel Love (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts), and “Motives” (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts / Top 25 Billboard Electronic Charts).  Moreover, having my productions Remixed by Grammy nominated Morgan Page, Rusko, Cazzette, Bondax, YehMe2 (Josh from Flosstradamus latest venture), and more is inspiring. My remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was featured in a Hershey’s chocolate television commercial that has amassed over 1 BILLION views which is notable. Lastly, the release of my brand new EP which pop records with artists like Sean Kingston, Wifisfuneral, & Alex Aiono (of Netflix’s “Finding Ohana”), was incredibly exciting. 


What do you feel is the most rewarding part of being an artist?

The most rewarding part of being an artist is seeing how your work can have an impact on others. For me, what compels me to continue creating art is knowing that someone out there may resonate with it and admire my work enough to be inspired themselves.


Is there anything you do before or after shows that have become rituals or things you make sure you do each time?

One ritual for me, after admittedly having a mishap that I turned into a learning lesson, is that I now always make sure to double check that my USBs are functioning properly. 


PLS&TY takes over IWANTEDM’s Instagram tonight at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific!

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