The clubs might be forced to stay closed, but MORVN’s El Ritmo Popular is bringing the party to you with this fun and energetic track with the potential to be the song of the summer.  The Latin artist infuses house with Banda music for the seasonal pick-me-up to usher in the summer season.

MORVN is a newer artist to the EDM scene, releasing flips and experimenting with different sounds before making El Ritmo Popular. XDM Records was quick to recognize the strength of the track’s beat and massive potential, signing MORVN to release this track with them on May 22.  

The international appeal that this track carries is strong and with all of the artists connecting with their fans and sharing music through live-streaming, “El Ritmo Popular” is bound to land on the mixes of some of the big names. So raise your glass, cup, water bottle or whatever you are sipping on and put this on your workout, party, happy, road trip and TikTok playlists because this track will be sure to put you in a good mood.

Check out MORVN’s El Ritmo PopularHere!