Singer/songwriter Lorensa and visionary EDM producer DANK just dropped their track “One Life” on TurnItUp Muzik, delivering a radio-ready dance anthem for music lovers all over the world. “One Life” has all the elements of a cross-genre chart topper – talented artists, danceworthy beats, and a timely message of positivity that we are craving as the world navigates the pandemic at hand.

The two were brought together by the power of social media, each looking for what the other brought to the table.  Lorensa’s songwriting and vocal talents caught the attention of DANK, who was looking for new artists to work with for his next project.  Although the lyrics were written a few years ago about her personal life, they seem to be perfectly applicable to the world today.  

“Waking up in a place I don’t recognize” are the first words heard in the song, which can certainly apply to what many of us are feeling today.  As the song progresses, the lyrics shift to an empowering “but i’m never going to stop” and “If I fall, I’ll get back up”, reminding us that your “One Life” might get tough at times, but we must stay positive because it will always get better.

With DANK’s unmatched production talent and tenure in the music industry, and Lorensa’s raw singing and songwriting abilities, “One Life” is a win from start to finish. The song created some buzz in the EDM world from the very start, landing on two of Spotify’s coveted new music playlists, “Dance Rising” and “Friday Cratediggers”.  

Although she is pretty fresh in the music world, her singing abilities and drive to succeed are too good to be ignored.  Her covers of Hallelujah and “Paparazzi” on her YouTube channel illustrate just how much talent and passion she has for singing.

Read our exclusive interview with Lorensa below!

How did the collaboration with DANK for “One Life” come about?

The collaboration with DANK for ” One Life” came a year ago when DANK sent me a DM on Instagram that he liked my vocals on a feature I had with Gattuso, he said that he was looking for a  “new exiting vocalists” to work with so I checked his music out and loved it. I showed him “One Life” and we both knew that this was the move. The experience working with DANK & TurnItUp Muzik was great because we all believe in the song. 


Is this the first track you have released in your music career? What is the most exciting part of releasing “One Life”?

I recorded my first record called “Why Me” when I was 21 (I’m 25 today) and released it in 2018. But I can definitely say that “One Life” is the most exciting because today I feel like I am ready as an artist. Over the years I developed my style and vocals and I feel better about my artistry.  It feels like just now my journey is starting because until it started things were tough for me and couldn’t see where music would lead me, but I didn’t give up and I am proud of myself for that.


What inspired the lyrics of the song?

The lyrics of the song were inspired by my life at the time (co-written with Joe Wood). I used to live in NYC, and I was broke but kept fighting for my art and music. I am from Israel originally, and I came to the states four years ago with this dream that I’ve had since I was 12. I knew that this is my future. I felt like the odds were against me from the beginning (and still sometimes feel this way), because I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t have enough money and the only money I had was for the train to the studio. I made this song to inspire myself and others to keep going even when it’s hard and when it seems impossible because we only got one life.

“One Life” was featured on two of the most popular playlists on Spotify, “Friday Cratediggers” and “Dance Rising”.  How did it feel to see your picture as the cover of the list in addition to having the song on their playlist?

The feeling of seeing the picture as the cover of the playlist was great. I felt appreciated because of my art. It’s the best feeling in the world. It made me feel that the hard work and the fact that I have never given up on my dreams is paying off. 


With the pandemic affecting the entire globe, how has your daily life changed?

My daily life didn’t really change much, I am a very productive person especially when it comes to my craft. I start my day with coffee and a workout then the rest of the day is usually music: vocal exercises, songwriting, interacting with my fans, working on covers and learning the guitar.


Where do you see your career going from here?

I see my music career just going up from here! These days I am building my dream team to help me reach my next goal: to get signed to a major label.


Listen to “One Life” on all major music platforms here. 

For more, check out Lorensa here and DANK here.