In Orange County, California, 20 year old producer Sevnth Heavn would be considered pretty young in the EDM world. At face value, Sevnth Heavn’s Instagram feed is different from most DJs.  Instead of a wall full of the stages and crowds, it’s the story of Sevnth Heavn, showcasing aspects of his artistic style, with a balance of personal, candid and professional pictures that are all awesome. 

His passion for EDM was lit by industry trailblazer Skrillex when he was in 8th grade.  Since then, Sevnth Heavn couldn’t live without music in every aspect of his life.  When a bad day comes around or a lack of stimulation hangs heavy over a day, he relies on what he calls Creative Therapy – going into the studio with absolutely no expectations to see what comes to life.  At other times, there may be that hook that is stuck in his head, or a vibe that came with a recent experience out in the world.  

He is a cross between the type A and type B personalities – a hard one to pull off.  He’s laid back, humble and hangs out with his friends like any other 20 year old getting into shenanigans over the weekends and taking last minute camping trips to balance out his perfectionist work ethic.  He sticks to healthy habits, working out regularly to keep a clear mind. And the rules he lives by are ones that most 40-year-olds are trying to integrate into their personality: Be yourself, stay away from toxic people and trust that the universe will take care of the wrongdoings that have been brought to you. 

Making music is just a piece of the highly ambitious goals that he passionately pours his heart and positive energy into.  His passion turned into his mission once he experienced the purpose of music in its purest form – to inspire, comfort, and bring positivity in all forms. “I would say the passion really started for me when I realized that I could actually physically and emotionally impact people through the songs that I was making”. For Sevnth Heavn, this was a calling, and he didn’t waste a minute of his time once his mind was set on his entrepreneurial endeavors in the creative arts.

While working on perfecting his signature sound, he invested the rest of his time strategically learning the business.  From social media to content creation, booking shows and negotiating terms, learning to do everything solo puts him at an advantage when he eventually hires a team (which is in the near future). “…. the biggest thing for me is I want to be more than an artist. I want to be a brand and a brand is something that people like to be a part of”.

With everything Sevnth Heavn is currently working on and his ambitious goals for the near and long term future, one thing remains the most important driving force of everything he does – positive energy. “That’s why I’m such a huge energy person. Just always putting out good positive energy to people because it really does come back,” he says. “It’s so important”.  This positivity empowers him to use his unique platform to educate about the power of energy, not just as an idea of goodwill, but a true return on investment when done genuinely.  He puts out positive energy, and it paid off when he least expected it. Sony Music released a track of his called “Miss You”, solidifying the beginning of his trajectory to the top.

 Sevnth Heavn has been making some big moves in the EDM world over the past year. Most recently, his track “Need You” will be released exclusively with DeepNHeat. “Need You” is a song that is versatile with unexpected variations intertwined with the tempo of house music to make you dance.  The lyrics “I need you” are the focus of the track, but fit in just right despite the meaning of the phrase. Isolate the lyrics and vocals and you may expect to hear it in a sad, emotional song.  Sevnth Heavn puts those vocals over the upbeat rhythm of “Need You” resulting in a song that you will want your friends to hear.  The song moves through different elements, starting with a single drum and building out a story that will leave you full and satisfied.  In today’s state of the world, “Need You” is a reminder that good music can lift your spirits when you need it the most.

This is only the beginning for Sevnth Heavn.  His career won’t be just music and shows, it will be his own label, putting on his own curated shows, mentoring new artists and mastering all elements of a successful career in the music industry. His music and life purpose is the perfect representation of the meaning of his name.  Sevnth Heavn is pushing out positivity to the world, hoping that all of the listeners of his music will reach the state of intense happiness that defines his name and his outlook on life inspiring all people with his gift of creativity. 

See videos, photos and more on his website and check out the track for yourself on Spotify and Apple Music!