Yannick Von is one of the newest artists to join the deepNheat Records family, scoring an exclusive release on the label late February of 2020. The track called “They Ain’t” caught the attention and the ears of the music curators at the label with the bass house vibe and landed at #10 on Beatport’s Best New Bass House for February.

24-year-old Yannick Von lives in Kassel, Germany – a town getting smaller as music venues and clubs are slowly dying. His willingness to share his knowledge and skills with his peers is admirable, and he posts these lessons for free and publicly available on his Instagram account, showing the process of his production. His love for house music is heavily influenced by his father’s musical preferences, who listen to metal bands with Yannick.

The song picks up instantly with a heavy bass beat and a Valentino Khan-style energy. The first 15 seconds of the song build upon the ominous vibes that this track is putting out there, with the deep bass kick drum hit on every beat since the song started. At this point in the song, the track was definitely house with no indication that the song would be jumping back and forth from another genre music to house music.  At 20 seconds, a rapper is introduced to the mix, shifting the focus to his vocals while smoothly changing the genre of the song.  The following part of the track started a recognizable trap music style and would quickly take over the house beat and song morphs to hip-hop.

The rapper’s vocals continued while the song morphs back into that steady bass house beat. The builds in between the drops are pretty high energy, but the music seamlessly morphs back into the deep house beat that it started with. The unique genre-fluid progression through this song’s dark and heavy beats makes this song perfect for this summer’s festivals.

Check out the track onDeepNHeat’s Spotify playlist here.