Every month Armia and Arsham bring together their musical capabilities and ear for spotting talent in their radio show ElectroVessel. Gathering their favourite tracks of the month together, they seamlessly blend music that has taken the scene by storm and put it into hourly shows each week.


With the help of some of their favourite DJs and producers, the Vessbroz show is unique and fresh every single time. February’s shows include guest mixes from the likes of Dimatik, Hundred Sins, Bonka and the legendary duo, Raven & Kreyn. You’ll be able to find music from the likes of Primeshock, Matroda, Mitch Vice, Morgan J and Leotrix along with music from the Vessbroz’ special guests with even some sneaky ‘track ID’s’ for good measure.


As always, new episodes are shared every Wednesday on the boy’s Mixcloud channel so stay tuned to hear more stunning mixes from the Vessbroz and whoever joins them next!


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