Since switching up to producing Tech House tracks, Naizon has burst onto the scene showing off his skills and ear for music with standout releases such as ‘Dance It’, ‘Golden Cage’ and more recently ‘Midnight’. He has taken his music across the world and has dazzled audiences in Thailand, Australia, Switzerland and his home country Italy. We sat down with Naizon to find out more about his story.


What was the first instrument you ever tried to learn?

The piano


What type of music were you brought up listening to?

I was brought up listening to so many genres of music; Soul, Blues, Jazz and just romantic music in general


How did you continue to progress your talent as you grew older?

I spent a lot of time trying to perfect my knowledge in music, also by playing everything in the clubs, bars and pubs I learned a lot. The older you get the more you improve like a fine wine!


Have you always been creative or was it something you discovered later in life?

Yes! I have always been creative sometimes even too creative. I like to create new things and I am open in any kind of matters…


Did you have any other career paths that you wanted to go down?

Yeah, I really wanted to go into acting and also become a professional ballet dancer


Tell us about the first-ever live gig you saw?

It was at the o2 arena in London, I went to see Armin Van Buuren! It was such an amazing show, he’s an incredible performer. I’m pretty sure that concert changed my life!


How has your life experiences impacted your music? Do they play a big part in your music or do you tend to create by concept?

My life for sure impacts the music I make and also music has had a strong impact on my life.  I always try to create something new as a concept and I do this based on the experiences I have had with my music knowledge.


What piece of advice you would tell your younger self when you were first embarking in music?

I would tell myself to prepare to fight in a cage of hungry lions.  The road is long and to never give up. If you want something you can always get it in life if you are really determined and consistent in what you’re doing.


Did you ever receive any mentorship or did you teach yourself and if so, how?

I did practice a lot by myself through YouTube and books and lots of practice!!!!

I have also had mentors in life, more than one and they’ve really helped me become the artist I am today.


Finally, when people hear the name Naizon, what are you best known for?

My music style for sure and I guess the way I’m spontaneous and very crazy!


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