Heiress Kaila Methven is going big and hard, fighting COVID-19 from the sidelines in a major way.  While some celebrities are on Rodeo Drive shopping for their own hand sanitizer, Kaila is aiming to raise over $1 million to go to those affected by the virus, creating jobs through her PLUR Association and fostering a community of love for the LGBTQ+.

On top of all this, she is a successful celebrity fashion designer. MBA graduate, cover girl, EDM influencer and CEO of her own multi-million dollar company, Madame Methven. Any one of these titles alone comes with a magnitude of responsibility, hard work and dedication to be successful. For Kaila Methven, these roles are a part of her everyday life.  She is gorgeous with an awesome personality – pretty much every man’s dream girl.

Kaila’s new lingerie line Special K is a festival girl’s heaven. The outfits are beautiful and bold, uniquely poised for the EDC’s and Ultra’s of the world. She pre-launched the line December 2nd in 2019 to cater to the girls looking for high quality couture. In February of this year, she launched her EDM line to all retailers and stores worldwide.

After hours, another Kaila emerges.  She is sweet, down to earth, and has a heart of gold. With her newly created PLUR Association, she aims to provide an environment of safety and recovery that focuses on the LGBTQ+ community and domestic violence survivors.

We all know the Kaila that lives in the public eye, but her private life and personal opinions on today’s world has mostly been kept private… until now.

After years of fashion design in different industries, why did you choose to enter the world of lingerie?

Sometimes what you seek is seeking you. I really don’t think I decided to enter into the world of lingerie. I truly believe the world of lingerie chose me.

Reasons being so, I felt the necessity to empower women’s sexuality and, most importantly, to encourage all types of women to love their bodies and understand the allure of lingerie in the bedroom. I wouldn’t just say the lingerie is meant to empower the woman; it’s also used to empower one’s partner. I believe that a slight mystery of sensuality and charm in a relationship, keeping your partner guessing on what you will bring to the bedroom next. 

This is why I think you should never wear the same lingerie twice. “Tease until you make him squeeze.” My lingerie is not just to model, and not for the girl trying to get “likes” on Instagram. I want women to remember that the most powerful person in the room is the one with the most confidence and love for oneself. I create lingerie that will have you ready to fall in love, whether it’s for the first time or the 100th time. Are you ready to fall in love again? I always am!


A powerful message that you want women to know is that it is important to stay true to who you are is all aspects of life. How does your lingerie fit in with this message?

I feel like love can be expressed in over a million ways. Don’t shy away from love. Dare yourself to fall in love again, dare to love yourself, and dare to love him or her again if that is how you truly feel. No matter what religion you are, your political views, or culture or industry we come from, every woman and man in the world deserves to be loved. It would be boring if we all looked the same, have the same personalities or the same bodies, living with the same morals. Lingerie is universal. It’s like an unspoken language that everyone can truly appreciate in its true, beautiful form.


The creativity of your designs have a common theme that can’t be ignored. How does sex play a role in your designs?

I don’t just make lingerie, I create art. Art on a woman’s body is the most powerful, beautiful, sexual sight to see. In the bedroom we can be whoever we want without limits or boundaries. My lingerie gives you the power to do that, and you might just have the best sex you’ve ever had.


Thinking back over your history of relationships, what was the best sexual experience?

I’m so in love with someone right now that actually is the perfect question to ask me. I definitely feel that as our relationship grows, there is more and more sexual intensity that I can’t even describe. We have moments where I can put my hands on his heart and it would make my entire body tremble, as if we are one. I’ve never had a sexual partner that can make me have 20 orgasms per day. And then there are times when I wake up in the morning and look at him there sleeping next to me, and I think to myself, “How can I live without this person for the rest of my life?”  


 When you want to shake things up in the bedroom, what scenarios turn you on the most? 

This is definitely a question for my partner. I like to be the one to do all the work in bed, and I especially like being submissive. But don’t worry girls, I still get what I want. He is the one who cleans the house and does all the dishes 😉 Our sexuality has no restrictions. That’s all I’ll say about that!


 Does EDM play a role in these experiences?

Absolutely! My favorite is house music, especially the dark, loud and fast beats that serve as foreplay while I wear pieces from my Madame Special K collection. It gives off that sexy, barely there rave vibe, and I walk around the house in front of my partner while cooking, watching “The Bachelorette” or having conference calls with other CEOs around the globe. My partner loves to watch me wearing my lingerie and I just have to wear my Christians all the time.  It’s one of our sexy games – I’m not allowed to take them off! We have glow in the dark handcuffs, we have spiral changing color whips, switching gears to our favorite track “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy. And trust me, he does;)

How does the lingerie transition from the bedroom to the festival grounds?

Some festivals are like a playground for adults. Every festival I go to, all I see is beautiful people loving each other for who they truly are inside and out. I want to elevate the festival experience by creating unique outfits, adding a little Madame Methven to the mix – a little spice and a little sugar makes everything nice. I took the intensity, energy and passion of the bedroom and merged it with the music, community and festival crowds. I’m here to change EDM fashion forever. Kaila Methven is here, so get those red glittery carpets out!


Have customers ever sent you feedback on their sexual experiences with the lingerie?

Yes, they have. I have gotten cards, emails, you name it. Couples have sent me roses & gifts. I even had a client give me a lifetime pass to a five star country club. The only thing that matters to me is that everyone who experiences the lingerie ends their sexy session with a smile on their face. That’s how I know I have done my job and created a memorable experience.


For women that may be intimidated and a little nervous to put on lingerie, what would you say to them?

Ladies, don’t be afraid to be bold. You are beautiful! I’ve dealt with many different clients and personalities. I pay attention to all my clients, desires and requests. I really listen to all they’re looking for. It’s kind of like being a life sex coach where you are hearing all their problems and you are fixing it in a creative way. If you don’t want to go to one of my stores alone, bring your bff and make it a girls day! Once you put on the first one, you will see how sexy you are. I like to think that my Madame Methven lingerie makes women feel empowered and their partners addicted to the confidence you will have in the bedroom.   


These are crazy times… the Coronavirus, 2020 elections, cancellations of the most iconic events in US history, including Ultra, with more cancellations on the horizon. What current events are keeping you up at night? How are you dealing with them?

During typical weekends, we never leave the house. Today, throw in some extra Netflix, champagne and finding new music for every mood. Every time I look at my phone or turn the TV on, I am saddened by the amount of people who have suffered. We use our love to keep our happiness alive while praying everyday for our friends, family, and those going through very difficult times. As I always say, this too shall pass, but I really wanted to do something big. Yes, people need support and prayers but they also need jobs and a way to provide for their families and have some kind of normalcy in their lives.  I want to raise money through sales of my Special K line (among other means) to help as many people as possible.  My newly founded PLUR Association aims to combat the unemployment part.


Out of everything in your life, what are you most proud of?

Before my mother committed suicide when I was 8 years old, she always pushed me to leave my mark on this world, no matter what it took. I have done everything I possibly could to love up to that promise. I’m honored to say that today, I could tell her that I have made my mark on this world. I want my contribution to the world to be the soldier spreading the message and true meaning of PLUR, and to know that I kept my promise to my mom.