Sometimes it’s the worst of times that bring out the best music. EDM producer Joshua Lange (known in the EDM world as G.M.P.) hasn’t been in the scene for long, but the inspiration for his new EP, “Blue Boy”, is a subject matter that is deeply meaningful and carries an important message that he wants his listeners to take note of.

How did you get started in the music world?
Looking back at some of my first projects, I began producing in July of 2014 through self-learning via YouTube and Indaba music competitions (now part of Splice). The spark came when I discovered my love for house music. My good friend Chris Jones turned me on to house music. At the time, Chris was managing a legendary hip hop DJ Marcus Dotson, historically known as DJ Quasi, now known as a heavy heavy techno producer/DJ, Rispetto Musiq. Marcus came up to me one day with Chris and they inspired me while at home playing Dota 2 and blasting deadmau5; he (Marcus) told me that if I loved music so much, that I should just start making it myself – It was as simple as that. At that exact moment, everyone in the room started coming up with the name I should use as my alias, they came up with G.M.P. almost instantly and I ran with it. The following day I took the deep dive into learning production, I downloaded FL Studio and began digging through learning material. 

How long did you work on “Blue Boy” before releasing it on DeepNheat Records?
I worked on the majority of the Blue Boy EP from September 2018 into September 2019, tweaking the project until release, 3/23/2020. It took a really long time physically and emotionally to finish these tracks.  

What inspired your vision for this project?
My vision for this project came from my younger brother Michael Lange. Michael passed away on September 4, 2018, from a drug overdose. I found him dead that morning, I had to tell my mother, my family, my youngest brother, and Michael’s girlfriend. It may have been the saddest and darkest moment in my life, the pain is super real. I wanted to take my sweet brother’s story and use it as my drive to spread drug awareness to prevent anyone else from having to go through what my family has. Losing my younger brother is never something I envisioned and it has changed my every perspective on life.  

Were there times that it was just too hard to work on music for this EP?
Absolutely, sometimes I would go into the studio feeling super inspired. I would sit down, open up the track, start playing the MIDI and bam my brain would lock up, frozen and unable to really process. I would start reminiscing and eventually just break down, unable to mix. Grieving is tough and this EP definitely helped me through the grieving process.  House music, however you interpret it, has always been the answer. House music heals. 

In what ways has working on this EP changed you?
As I progressed slowly through the tracks of this EP, My perspective on how I approached life completely transposed. I learned to embrace everything to its fullest potential; iIn other words, live life to the fullest. Staying clean and drug free is something that’s very important to me. I have spent a lot of my life surrounded by drugs, friends, family, and society in general. Growing up, I always wanted to set a positive example for my siblings so I steered very clear of drugs and surrounded myself with like minded individuals, people who inspired me, and people who forced me to grow and be a better person. That’s what Michael did for me, and that’s why it sucks that he’s gone. That’s why I wrote this EP.  

Is there any one track on your EP that delivers that message that you want people to hear?
Honestly they were all written with that message in mind. They all take you on a different journey. However the music is interpreted is up to the individual. That’s why I appreciate you taking the time to help me share this story and spread awareness on the issue that’s going on all around us each and every day.  

What do you hope fans will take with them from your music?
I really hope this E P gives them awareness, I hope this music can save someone’s life.  It sure saved mine. (>^_^)>


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