The Turtles release ‘Happy Together’ is arguably one of the most iconic songs of the ’60s and was invigorated back in 2009 by the talents of American superstar Sir Ivan. Sir Ivan covered this song over 10 years ago with the pure intention of spreading love, joy and happiness across the world and we need that now more than ever so Sir Ivan has enlisted 5 of his favourite producers to put their own spin on this legendary tune.

Of the five producers chosen to remix this song, three of them had done incredible remixes for Sir Ivan previously, on other songs. DJ’s from Mars lent their magic on remixes for “Love Is All Around Me” and “Live For Today”. Ralphi Rosario did stellar remixes on “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye”, and “La La Land”, and 7th Heaven created an amazing Top 40 radio remix for “Imagine”, and “I Am Peaceman”. As for the super talented Bimbo Jones and Moto Blanco, they were always on Sir Ivan’s shortlist of talented artists he wished to collaborate with and now feels like the perfect time.

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