Alex Vela and John Deluxe released the second track from their America EP on deepINheat Records called “Push Me” – a dance-worthy throwback to a classic track from EDM legend Benny Benassi. 

Benassi’s track “Satisfaction” was a massive success that became popular all over the world and has been known as one of the most recognizable songs of the early 2000s. “Push Me” will bring back those warm, fuzzy feelings of hearing your favorite song that you haven’t heard in a long time. Push Me is well designed; the subtle instruments that play on the track sound cohesive with the tech-house beat as the life of the song.  With Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week right around the corner, and producers looking to freshen up their set list can slide this track in the mix, this track could fit easily in most producer curated set lists.

“Push Me” is the type of song that you put on a playlist because of how versatile it is.  With those famous lyrics sprinkled throughout the track, “Push Me” brings a shift in energy that results in an energetic crowd that found the song that is worth putting their drink down for.