Alex Vela and John Deluxe’s track “America” was recently released on deepNheat Records and brings a tech – house beat with a patriotic flair to the EDM world.  When you combine the track’s uptempo BPM and the lyrics “America First”, this potential song-of-the-summer will no doubt have you dancing from the backyard 4th of July BBQs to the pool parties all across the country.

  Alex Vela and John Deluxe have been collaborating on a number of projects in the past year, including “El Patron” and “That Feeling” that both ended up on the lists of various EDM publications like ClubDJ Portugal’s top tracks lists.  “America” is the first single off their EP also titled “America”, and is very versatile as it crosses genres and doesn’t lean too heavily on one type of music. Get ready to hear “America” on playlists in the clubs and the trance-house stages this festival season. 

“America” by Alex Vela and John Deluxe drops February 10, 2020 with deepNheat exclusively on  

Download the track here on