ElectroVessel is always guaranteed to bring you the very best new tunes in the EDM scene as it is curated by The Vessbroz, who are renowned for their top-notch productions and perfectly mixed, high energy DJ sets. Each week they invite some of their favourite artists to join them for a half-hour guest mix, so you can expect to hear something fresh with every show. December saw Armia and Arsham welcome Kueymo & Sushi Boy, Pangea, Unity Brothers and for their special Christmas edition they are joined by BSNO.


The Vessbroz are working extremely hard to solidify their place in the EDM scene as one of the top duos to watch. They have already achieved a huge amount within the 4 years they have started this project with some of their accolades including releases with Sony and Revealed Recordings, a top 40 US Billboard song for 7 consecutive weeks and a major following on their YouTube for their self-directed original music videos.


Uploaded to Mixcloud, you can check out a new edition every Wednesday and look back over December’s collection of shows here:


Vessbroz Online