Mateo Paz is back with a brand-new release released on Stereotheism titled ‘Feel Your Heart. Featuring the stunning and sultry vocals of Lucia Haze this chilled out prog House tune invites you into the music from the moment you press play with its operatic synths and deep bass grooves. Lucia’s voice takes over as she sings emotive lyrics that make for easy listening.


‘Feel Your Heart’ beautifully builds with violin type instrumentation before the arp-focused drop. A perfect blend of Pop and Progressive. ‘Feel Your Heart’ also comes with two incredible remixes from Kleinsky, whose remix is a much deeper, slightly minimal take that is definitely suited to the club and Paul Hamilton who offers a more choppy, abstract version that’s totally uplifting with an element of drama. Both remixes keep Lucia’s vocals as the star of the track and rightly so.


Mateo Paz has had a sensational year with the ever-growing success of his radio show ‘Gain’. Mateo has also tasted chart success with the list of standout tracks he has released including remixes such as Kleinsky’s ‘Remember’, Jacob Gurevitsch’s ‘The Spanish Inquisition’. Currently working with some of the hottest rising stars in the dance music scene, Mateo is working his way towards cementing his place as one of the most prolific producers in Progressive House.


Mateo’s ‘Feel Your Heart’ plus the two remixes are out now and ready to download.


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