If a recent breakup has you feeling a little blue this holiday season, look no further than Ricky Retro‘s new track “Happy New Year” to have you giving zero f*cks in no time. The infamously out-there producer teamed up with Will Simms under his brand Love Harder for the track’s soulful and irreverent vocals, which float over Retro‘s bouncy basslines, driving kickdrums and groovy melodies. Erring on the softer side of his music, “Happy New Year” is really a breakup track about wishing the other person well while doing your very best to forget all about them, and that’s something we can all get on board with. The new release follows Retro‘s “Freak On Me,” ft. Icona Pop, and a stream of independent singles that have had fans and tastemakers in the industry buzzing. “Happy New Year” is also Ricky‘s Ultra debut, welcoming him to a roster of some of the scene’s most talented artists.

“Since it takes the earth 365 days to revolve around the Sun it’s only fair we celebrate it with a song. I always wanted to make a birthday or holiday song and this was the perfect time to do it, and the perfect match up with Ricky Retro. Get ready to flush out 2019 to make room for the new 20’s.” – Love Harder

Ricky Retro is the ‘MericanBudweiser drinking, NASCAR loving producer who is fusing together dance music with redneck shenanigans, a style that some previously thought impossible to join. Though southern rock and dance music are fundamentally different, Retro’s audacity and ability to basically not give a shit has found him a niche as “the American Fisher,” as he was referred to by several popular media outlets; his ridiculous stage presence and energetic sound have carved out an audience for him among open-minded young dance fans who are always down for a good time. Ricky Retro appeared recently on the scene with “DALE,” which boasts an undeniably catchy bassline amid some absurd voice overs, and “‘Murica,” essentially embodying everything all other countries love to hate about Americans. His in-your-face antics and comical Instagram feed make Ricky Retro stand out among any other up-and-coming producer, and we bet you won’t be forgetting his music anytime soon. See what 2020 has in store for this dance cowboy.

Love Harder is a DJProducer & Recording Artist. Signed to Ultra Music Love Harder’s first single “Oblivion” Features Amber Van Day. “Oblivion” was added to Party Anthems on BBC Radio 1 on the day of its release and has already gained over 8 Million streams on Spotify alone, adding to a number of huge playlists across the streaming world. Love Harder recently performed on Europa TV as part of the launch for “Oblivion“. Love Harder also just co-wrote and co produced and Feature on “Beat Of My Heart” by Lost Frequencies. The Love Harder project is the brainchild and dance project of established multi award winning songwriter record producer Will Simms.