New Delhi duo BlareMob are back with their latest release ‘Hold Me’. This Electro-House anthem starts off with a groove that instantly takes charge with its funky bassline and bright electronica style synth melodies. You are then introduced to a silky female vocal that sings catchy verses over the beat that you can’t help but sing along to.


‘Hold Me’ offers great detail and depth as the complex layers of instrumentation form together to produce this incredible track. BlareMob has managed to produce a tune that feels familiar but is completely unique. A perfect piece of music for a chilled Deep/Electro House session.


Keshav and Himanshu use their musical differences and lifelong friendship to their advantage as they both share a deep passion for creating music. Appealing to both pop and heavier electronic fans, the duo constantly experiments with blending different sounds and genres together in each of their productions, which makes their music so unique and interesting. Having been together as a musical duo 2 years now, it’s exciting to see what the future has in store for BlareMob.


‘Hold Me’ is out now on Streamin’ Music Group.


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