Talented artist duo 39 Kingdom makes their debut on R3HAB’CYB3RPVNK imprint with “R3vival,” a track whose namesake originates a decade ago in the golden era of big room house. Opening with delicate, plucky melodies, it wastes no time in picking up the pace with cinematic synths that steadily build into a progressive crescendo. Although 39 Kingdom would never utter the words “Let me see you jump!,” this is an epic festival banger that will have the crowd going wild. As artistic trends usually do, the big-room progressive house sound has started to see a renaissance from heavyweight artists and newcomers alike. 39 Kingdom is one of those promising up-and-comers leading the charge of reworking a classic sound for the modern age of electronic fans.

39 Kingdom is truly a multi-talented and diverse duo, made up of female singer and DJ Julia Kovaleva and male drummer, guitarist, producer, and DJ Sergey Nedzvetskiy. Together, Julie and Sergey’s artistic abilities make the unique and dynamic sound of 39 Kingdom; they use live instruments in many of their original tracks and live shows, adding depth and an organic quality to their music. Founded in 2017, the duo has already experienced success both in the studio and on the stage. They’ve caught the attention and earned the respect of industry heavyweights through their releases on Armada Music and Revealed Recordings and have played over 200 world-class performances around the world, including ADEIMF, and Sunburn. Now joining the CYB3RPVNK family, we can look forward to more cutting-edge new music from Julia and Sergey very soon.