Tech House artist Naizon’s ‘Golden Cage’ release features bold basslines and a deep and sultry spoken word vocal before a major drop made for the ravers. Naizon transcends his passion and feeling into every release he creates. His music and DJ’ing talents have taken him all over the world to countries such as Thailand, Austria and Switzerland, with his fanbase growing at an incredible rate.


Describe your creative process?

I am inspired by whatever I have on my head, I work on multiple works at once, so I never get stuck. I’ll come back refreshed the next day and look at the project.


Which part of ‘Golden Cage’ is your favourite?

1.15 min when the drop is coming it’s so energetic, I love it!


Can we hear any of your musical influences in the track?

When I make a track, I try not to emulate anyone, I think that would be cheating myself and my audience.


What has the reaction been like?        

I’ve received very good feedback from people and hopefully, once the release is out for a little bit longer, I can learn from my feedback for future releases.


How would you sum up ‘Golden Cage’ to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

I would describe it as an energetic track with lots of colour and a nice bass line.


In your opinion, what makes Golden Cage special?

The structure of the song is easy and enjoyable to listen to without it being too complicated.  I feel like it’s a track that makes you a smile! Also, it’s special because the cage is gold! Haha joking


Can give us an exclusive on your next release?

I’ve got 5 songs that I’m working on at the moment, they are all sound very good. I put a lot of effort into the songs and it takes a long time so I can’t say when they will be out yet.


Where can people go to buy Golden Cage?

iTunes Beatport, Google Play and Amazon


What’s in store for you over the coming winter months?

There are talks of a collaboration with a big artist but I can’t reveal anything just yet! I’m also plugging away in the studio producing music, I’m hoping to have at least 10 songs out before 2019 is up.


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