Klipr is back with a brand new single titled ‘Touch The Sky’, blending together Electropop with R&B and Electronica vibes, this bright and upbeat track is perfect for blaring out in the car on a sunny day or setting the mood for a pre-party. Starting off with a slower bass-led verse, powerful vocals are present throughout singing catchy and emotive lyrics in true Klipr fashion.


As ‘Touch The Sky’ starts to build up the pace, the true heart of the track is when the driving drop is launched feeling almost reminiscent of those classic noughties dance anthems. Klipr owns the unique talent of capturing the euphoric feeling you get at a festival through his productions which makes every track a joy to listen to.


Klipr began his music career after falling in love with some of dance music’s most iconic scenes such as Miami, Ibiza and Barcelona. Klipr’s dedication to music was proven through his mission to teach himself the art of production which has led to a signature, intimate sound that has been perfectly crafted. As he continues to develop as an artist, Klipr is showing signs of becoming one of the most promising acts to come out of India.


Klipr’s ‘Touch The Sky’ is out now on his own imprint Streamin’ Music Group.


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