Frameworks has taken fans on a journey of discovery with recent singles, all leading towards the final destination of his third album ‘Imagine Gold’, and now the Manchester-based electronic producer, live act and DJ presents the final piece of the puzzle before the big reveal, ‘Monday’, as fans area treated to one last peak at the artistic development of Frameworks before the extended long player is unleashed in all its glory. ‘Monday’ uses subtle intricacies and nuances throughout to present a musical ideology that is both complete and ever evolving, a far cry from the build and drop mentality of much of modern electronic music but equally as interesting and effective in its presentation.

Monday’ features heavy use of sampling from the start, with short bursts of guitar providing a syncopated groove that is held together by warm pad chords that underpin the track’s musical inclination throughout. Layers are added and evolve for the duration of ‘Monday’, displaying Frameworks’ ability to coax the most intrigue out of a musical concept without throwing every idea at it in the hope that something sticks. It’s this very calculated and creative approach that runs through the spine of ‘Imagine Gold’, and it is on clear display with ‘Monday’, as further synthesized elements are introduced in the latter stages, complementing the other elements while still allowing them space to breathe, all within the structure of the acoustic drums, which deliver on a live aesthetic that Frameworks is synonymous for and translates seamlessly into his recently-launched live show.

Fans have rarely been treated to such a substantial proportion of music ahead of an album’s release, but in keeping with the vision of journey that heavily inspired the LP, Frameworks has expertly guided his fans through their own musical voyage of discovery, as listeners unravel the individual musical pieces of ‘Imagine Gold’ and get an insight into the substantial musical exploration and self-discovery that combine to create such a sonically accomplished body of work.