The final single action to be taken ahead of the release of ‘Through My Eyes’, Christina Novelli’s instrumentally naked album, is acoustic truth bomb, ‘It’ll All End In Tears’.

Now part of electronic music’s bedrock, the reach & power of Christina’s voice is only equaled by the heart-homing punch of her written word. Emphasized by occasional pianoforte and some correspondingly astute string underscore, ‘It’ll End In Tears’ delivers an emotional payload that’ll sit in the mind for time.

It does so though in your less-than-typical fashion. Dark is not all-eclipsing black and lyrically, light is not all bright. While verse-through-chorus its theme traces a redemptive arc, it’s not a clear-cut one. Hope from despair – but only to a degree, its wrought song swings an emotional wrecking ball that’ll leave not a dry eye. ‘It’ll End In Tears’ is released today and is available to stream or purchase here (


01: Christina Novelli – It’ll End In Tears