After the success of their release ‘Follow Me’ on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, the Vessbroz are back with a brand-new release and are joined by Chicago’s very own Barantagous and Malaysian singer/songwriter, Black Gs. Having previously remixed the Vessbroz’s hit ‘Walking In Grace’, Barantagous and the Vessbroz have a relationship that runs deep, so a musical collaboration was only imminent and the fruits of their labour does not disappoint as ‘Losing Control’ has the potential to dominate the EDM scene.


Starting off strong with a juicy bassline and whispers of Black Gs enticing vocals, the first verse seems very conservative in preparation for the chaos that the drop is about to cause. The percussive elements on the track gives a hypnotic sort of jungle vibe to the beat that does nothing but force you to move. Euphoric synths take over the mid-section while Black Gs (who won ‘Best Original Song’ by Indiewise USA back in 2016 with the Vessbroz for their song ‘Safe Train’) uses this space in the music to preach empowering statements over the build-up.


‘Losing Control’ contains tons of energy throughout the entire piece of music and is guaranteed to transpire to dancefloors all over the world. With a tune that is this well put together and a collaboration that has this much collective talent, it’s no wonder that Harmor Records snapped up this release. The tune is currently out now and available to download so grab your copy and start ‘Losing Control’.


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