After transitioning to the Tech House scene not so long ago and wowing audiences everywhere with ‘Dance It’, Naizon is back with a party-starting follow up release titled ‘Golden Cage’.


A steady beat kicks off the tune before introducing you to the nitty-gritty of the track. With bold basslines and a deep and sultry spoken word vocal, the musicality is built with precision, piece by piece until the drop leads you into an all-consuming low-end groove. Naizon not only makes music for the ravers but also for DJ’s too as the stripped back breakdown is perfect for switching up the dancefloor vibes.


After spending his childhood listening to Soulful legends such as Elvis Presley and Lionel Richie, Naizon transcends his passion and feeling into every release he creates. His music and DJ’ing talents have taken him all over the world to countries such as Thailand, Austria and Switzerland, and with his fanbase growing an incredible rate, Naizon is currently working on his first solo album. If its anything like his last two releases you can guarantee it’s going to be out of this world!


Golden Cage is out now via One More Time Records.


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