Aligee and Phareed’s latest collaboration is a summery Electro-House tune that makes for easy listening. Starting off with a chilled out vibe with bright and melodic chord, ‘Believer’ transitions into a bouncy groove with hints of guitar riffs and synth elements in the background.


The catchy pre-chorus builds up to an upbeat drop with a simple yet effective high-pitched melody that will have you singing along in no time. A key element of ‘Believer’ is Chad Kowal’s stunning higher vocal range which compliments the music beautifully. The track is then stripped back to its bare bones in the breakdown to allow for the second drop to come in and blow the listener away once again.


Aligee began his career as a Hip Hop producer before falling in love with dance music. Now he can be found creating stunning Electro House tunes that have been supported by industry heavyweights such as David Guetta, Cheat Codes and Robin Schulz. Phareed and Aligee have worked together on several originals and remixes such as ‘Eyes Up’ and their remix of Post Malone’s ‘Feel’. Proven to be a match made in heaven, we’re hoping to hear much more from these two in the future.


‘Believer’ is out now on Mainchord Studio.


Check it out here:


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