From the moment you press play, you are met with an incredibly beefy Tech House groove that will blow your socks off. Jaksan and KIVI’s latest release ‘Let’s Get It’ is armed with an insane drop that takes the production to a whole new level, beautifully paired with an all-encompassing bassline and the phrase ‘Let’s Get It’ on repeat.


After slowing things down mid-track, the breakdown gently builds bit-by-bit, adding different elements and increasing your heart rate before unleashing the drop for a second time. ‘Let’s Get It’ is 6 minutes of pure, unadulterated rhythms that are guaranteed to send clubs wild.


KIVI and Jaksan are both known for their innovative take on the Tech House genre, making unique tracks that are taking the scene by storm. Both artists landed releases on Claude Von Stroke’s legendary Dirtybird Records’ Miami compilation this year so it would only make sense that these three talented producers would join forces. We’re certainly hoping this isn’t the last we hear from this genius collaboration.


‘Let’s Get It’ is out now on Rock Bottom Records as a part of their label compilation release.


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