Hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, Scottish artist Watgood whips up an impressive New Noise debut on  ‘Porcelain.” New Noise is Dim Mak’s new music discovery imprint that focuses on cutting edge sounds from burgeoning artists across the genre spectrum. 

Dim Mak has been around since 1996 and has always had a knack for selecting some of the best underground artists and help launch their careers for the past twenty plus years such as Zedd, Ookay, and even Bloc Party. The Label recently picked up Louis Watgood, better known by his moniker WATGOOD much to the delight of his growing fan base who fill the various comment sections of his work with nothing but praise for the up and coming artist.

Watgood New Noise debut on Porcelain is packed full of a myriad of synthetic textures, samples, and upbeat sonic flavors reminiscent of the classic dubstep sound that was first heard in underground clubs and raves in Europe. That is, that Porcelain sounds as though it is clearly influenced by U.K. Garage, Grime, and Breakbeat; the precursor blend of genres that would typically be labeled as dubstep. This means that WATGOOD does not try to make carbon copies of Skrillex or Bassnectar songs; a sin many EDM producers commit. A quick listen to some of WATGOOD’s catalogue via Soundcloud or Spotify shows that he is innovative and different, and as he has a unique blend of sounds that set his work apart from many of the cookie-cutter EDM artists that people are beginning to grow tired with.

Porcelain opens to a beautifully crafted and catchy arpeggiated synth and modulated vocal sample. WATGOOD shows skill at building up a track by layering each additional phrase with complimentary sounds that do not muddy the waters with over production. The solid four by four rhythm pushes the track along and the attention to rhythm is clearly another skill of his, as Porcelain switches its beat back and fourth between a solid “four to the floor” to a swinging three-four time signature. Polyrhythms are extremely rare in electronic dance music in today’s current trends. The subtle sound of glass can heard breaking right on the beat as Porcelain goes into its first breakdown. The synths swell and the illustrious wobble bass almost cries out as it prepares to be fully unleashed in the coming bars, a tidal wave of sounds.

The song continues to build tension and then subsequently release that tension with intelligent decisions that WATGOOD has cleverly made with each new direction the song takes. The breakbeat in couple sections of the track is particularly noteworthy as well as the attention to detail that is paid in various synth textures or syncopated hi-hats that filled throughout the song. One can download Porcelain for free via Soundcloud here, the song is available across all streaming platforms. Louis Watgood released a statement on his Instagram after receiving 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone:

“BEEN DOIN THIS SHIT LIKE 8 YEARS. EVERY DAY. 100K monthly listeners baby! I know this stuff fluctuates like crazy, the fact that I got to this point in the first place makes me realise I did the right thing by never doubting my abilities. Thank you everyone. I’m fucking humbled lmao. I’m gonna make a big deal about this because I worked hard as fuck alone in my bedroom missing out on a lot of my teenage years and social life and my dreams are becoming a reality more and more as the days pass. If you have a passion. Spend any bit of free time you have doing it. Be unapologetically yourself and explore your medium as deeply as you can. Love ya ⚡️✨⚡️ x

Thank u @dimmak for pushing my shit I LOVE u”


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