Those with a keen eye for up and coming EDM artists, and especially those that come from the other side of the pond in the United Kingdom have probably noticed ConRank’s new single “Bubble & Run.” The producer has been making waves in the scene the last couple years and has been steadily growing an audience as of late because his music sounds like the future and innovative artists are the future of music.

Grimy, dark, and melodic; The three words that might comes to one’s mind after hearing the straight-no-chaser intensity found within the three minutes of pure rhythmically controlled chaos in ConRank’s new single release Bubble & Run (feat Patwan). The description of the track thus far is not overhyped hyperbole. The bouncing track is any basshead’s wet fever dream, or nightmare of rumbling drums, swirling synths, and dynamic wobble bass.

So whom or what does Bubble & Run Sound like? Imagine if one could bottle the rave scene from the Matrix trilogies, refine the trance into dubstep, and then distill it by turning the volume to eleven. That would perhaps be the closest thing to what Bubble & Run sounds like. From the delayed synths and reggie sounding vocal sample in the song’s beginning measures to the hard hitting drums throughout each section; Bubble & Run is the essence of Drum & Bass within and throughout.

However, for listeners whom might be genre-nazis; ConRank’s additional songs and EP’s can best be classified as a blend of Dubstep and Glitch, with a sprinkle of Moombathon and BigRoom-House. One should take such genre descriptions with the caveat that it is 2019. And in 2019, with hundreds of electronic artists and a plethora of genre blending and bending, in combination with each individual artist’s unique sound and influences, it is easier to just slap EDM on everything. Alas, just labeling Bubble & Run as EDM would not do the song justice. For more new music check out Neela new song “La La La.”