Mikulas Margeta and Sebastien Bertignac weren’t always evil. Eighteen months ago, Miki and Sebastien were producing dubstep independently, using a social media site to get feedback on their projects from fellow producers.  Discord, a social media site created for gamers has become a staple in the music world as well, and Miki and Sebastien were a part of this worldwide community responsible for introducing Evilnoiz.

The dark intriguing nature of their tracks held solid on their own, but after a chance discovery of each other’s music on Discord they began working on tracks together. With Miki in Slovakia and Sebastien in France, determination, passion and talent did not hinder their work because the same musical darkness lived within them both. The pair went from working on the same tracks together individually to making the most crucial decision of their career path: they decided to join forces as a duo known as Evilnoiz.

The song “Invasion” was the catalyst that delivered Evilnoiz from Europe all the way to the A&R at Buygore Records as the group’s first and only submission made to the label in hopes the track would land in the right hands. A week after they submitted their song, they locked in a deal with Buygore to release the track. The Cinderella story that all producers dream of became a reality for Evilnoiz, skipping over the years promoting and sharing their music everywhere trying to get their tracks heard.

The cohesive approach to the track “Invasion” takes the listener through a story from beginning to end, cinematic in style and delivery. The title “Invasion” is the perfect description of this song and when you hear the elongated, deep horns it evokes the feeling of danger impending doom. The intense, heavy dubstep that Evilnoiz created carries in a soundtrack of a battleground until the final break, where a climactic build featuring a string orchestra sound ushers in the end of the “battle”.

Every once in a while, the industry sees artists that come in as a force to be reckoned with. They are focused and talented and was able to get their foot in the door on the first try. Evilnoiz didn’t let the language barrier or the distance between them dictate any obstacles that could be known to hinder success. Instead, the power of social media (and quite possibly fate) brought these two producers together so they can show the world what Evil sounds like.

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