DIRTYBIRD welcomes back beloved family members Walker & Royce for one of its biggest releases of the year: Bodies Do The Talking. The two-tracker marks their first solo release on the imprint since their standout 2017 album, Self Help.

Bodies Do The Talking is a double A-sider, with both of its tracks designed for peak time play. Its namesake opener starts off on a deceptively mellow note, with synth lines and lo-fi textures detonating into wild effects and pounding percussion. “Uh Oh” is a more consistently paced groover, packed to the brim with a haunting vocal progression and electrifying analog buildups.

Walker & Royce have come a long way. Self Help ushered in a new era of creativity for the duo, while its crossover appeal helped make them into household names. Already tagged as a strong force by the DIRTYBIRD camp, the album cemented their place among the label’s hierarchy. Less than a year later, they’d return with Ardalan for a brand new project and self-titled EP, Escapade.





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