The beginning of the end…!?! Well, yes and no. ‘Landmark’ is the first track to be drawn from the tracklist of the final act in Solarstone’s epic, episodic and artistically epitomising triple-release album arc.

The word on the ‘Three’ album (aka ‘. . . – -’) is that it’s ‘the collaborations one’ – a rumour its first single appears to bear out. For lovers of the genre, its debut match between Solarstone and Andre ‘Lostly’ Frauenstien sets up a thriller of a musical proposition. Sitting two melodically creative talents of unending ability side by side for the first time, in name and nature ‘Landmark’ earns its title-rep.

Of the track’s creation, Lostly says: “I think Richard and I both enjoy that classic, timeless feel in Trance that so many records no longer have. This is the essence of what brought us together on ‘Landmark’s production”.

Opening with a mosaic of stirring pianoforte, the track’s overture belies the gathering club storm ahead. Richard & Lostly connect them to intensively building 303 and tenacious bass, interlaced with luminous harmonic accents. They build the case for ‘Landmark’s breakdown with ethereally lifting chords, summer-touched pads, keenly honed key changes and evocatively gleaming FX. Finally, at the point of greatest intensity, the pair coupe-de-grace with the whistlingly etherealism of ‘Landmark’s epic mainline.

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01: Solarstone & Lostly – Landmark (Club Mix)
02: Solarstone & Lostly – Landmark (Extended Mix)