Jauz’s label Bite This! releases HYPRESSION’s 3-track EP “Cold Blood“. This 20-year-old Russia-based producer has already earned the respect of notable DJs around the world, such as DiploThe ChainsmokersHabstrakt, and Jauz himself, who previously supported HYPRESSION’s music. His breakthrough came when he collaborated with Jauz on “On Fire” in 2018 which was released on Jauz’s album “The Wise and The Wicked.” Now HYPRESSION is back with his own project. His stellar production acumen, fearless sentimentality, and unparalleled production prowess demand the attention of everyone in the dance music community.

The first track on the EP, “Cold Blood,” features an enigmatic production styling of Networth, which adds to already deliciously forlorn tone of the song. As the tune pushes forward and weaves into and out of somber trap sequences and hyped-up bass house beat structures, the audience becomes hopelessly intoxicated by the relentless pulse of the rhythm. With “Cold Blood,” we seem to be invited into HYPRESSION’s emotional core translated into the language of dance. “I Just Wanna” hits right away. Emotive and doleful, the melody plunges into the more subdued reaches of our psyche and coaxes us out onto the dancefloor. Music has always had the capacity to act as a salve to soothe our souls, transcend reality, and alter our states of mind.

HYPRESSION has figured out the perfect formula to achieve these results. The four-on-the-floor Bass House beat holds steady through the tune and hooks the audience into the track. The beat compels us to move, shuffle, and bang our heads while HYPRESSION’s meticulous sound design entrances us. “Kitchen House” hits off the bat. The vocal sample that greets the listener is in the Russian language, which transports us into a potentially new, experimental mental space. As the drop hits, the tune launches into a dynamic bass house heater that will turn any dance floor into a frenetic shuffle of exuberant bodies in motion. “Kitchen House” maintains the saturnine vibe HYPRESSION weaves through the entire work, which makes this EP a beautifully unified piece of art. DJing is an opportunity to write a story with music, and a healthy dose of these tunes will add depth and complexity to even the most hyped festival set.

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