A young producer by the name of HAY! has been making waves in the EDM scene right from his bedroom studio in his home town of San Antonio, Texas.  Through his hard work, talent and sweet personality, he caught the attention of both artists and fans alike. At 17, he is entering his senior year of high school and the ranks of the bass and trap world.

Recently, Blaize’s “Going Hard” Remix EP debuted on the well known trap label, Hybrid Trap. This collection features many interesting interpretations of the song across multiple different genres. Of all of the producers that were given the opportunity to collaborate with Blaize, HAY! earned his spot on the EP with his own approach that highlights his signature sound.

Combined with Atarii’s energetic vocals, HAY!’s remix builds from a slow and steady intro into an intense “Hard Trap” drop that pleased many fiends of this category. Judging by its play count and comment section, this remix has put HAY! on a bit of a fast track to even more notoriety and musical opportunities.

With his project hardly six months old, the young artist has already been on lineups with the likes of Slimez, YOOKiE and PhaseOne. Heavily involved with MAXD OUT, HAY! will have his most important year yet as he is scheduled to play in front of their many fans. Hoping to prove his worth, HAY! will continue to release collaborations with many more artists like Blaize, his longtime mentor and friend. He hopes to prove his concept of “weird music [his] mom doesn’t like” to the trap world.


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