Gold Lemonade releases “School of Hard Drops” on Fête de la Musique

Not too long ago, Lya Lewis and Jvgg Spvrrow left their lives in France to pursue a life of music together. At the time, there was no “Gold Lemonade” because the pair had yet to decide what they would be called. After Lya and Jvgg touched down in their new hometown of Las Vegas, their first stop was at a fast food restaurant famous on the West coast where they would soon both become obsessed with their Lemonade. “Gold” was added on soon after as a symbol of resilience and coming “up through the dirt to shine”. EDM DJ/producer Lya Lew is and Hip-hop vocalist/trap lyricist Jvgg Spvrrow began their journey together as band mates, best friends, creative masterminds and co-writers known as Gold Lemonade.

Today, Hip Hop and EDM are closer than ever before in both their listeners and cultural influence on millennials and the younger Gen-Z. Over the past ten years, we’ve been blessed with collaborations from heavy hitters across the aisle: David Guetta ft. Sia (Titanium) and Major Lazer feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo (Know No Better) to name a few. Naturally, the next phase of the evolution may be the merge of Hip Hop and EDM into one, eliminating the “features” since the artists themselves will be of one entity. By these definitions, Gold Lemonade is positioned to be one of the pioneers of the EDM/Hip Hop movement.

Their positivity was contagious and their genuine personalities were felt even over the phone. They don’t just want to play their music for their fans; they want to share their music with their fans. Lya and Jvgg know what it was like being a starving artist, and they want to be the motivation for those artists who are thinking of quitting their dream. While some artists may be protective of their success, Gold Lemonade is a duo that will be using their success to help others achieve their dreams as well.

June 21st is the release date for Gold Lemonade’s mixtape called “School of Hard Drops”, bringing 16 tracks carefully chosen out of the huge unreleased catalog, waiting to be added to the right project. June 21st also happens to be a holiday in their home country of France, Fête de la Musique, which loosely translates to Music Day. In France, Fête de la Musique is a day to celebrate all music, and with the mixtape dropping the same day, it seems like a perfect homage to their home country of France as they settle from their move to the United States.

School of Hard Drops

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