Get There” is the most recent release from producer Dy3nasty, an Indiana local turned Los Angeles transplant who took a leap of faith into the realms of the unknown to do as many set out to do when moving to the west coast: pursue dreams of becoming a producer with tracks that would set the EDM world on fire. The track landed on KSHMR‘s personally curated Spotify playlist (“KSHMR – Journeys”), as well as playlists on Spotify from Showtek and two of Nicky Romero‘s curated playlists, in the queue right next to some heavy hitters in the EDM world. Eighteen years of Dy3nasty’s life previous to this release was dedicated to musical studies where he became well versed in piano, guitar and drums. Mix in some jazz singing, a degree in telecommunications and audio production and you have the artist currently known as Dy3nasty.

Another impressive part of the production of this track is that every element was a creation. The instruments, vocals and everything in between were created by Dy3nasty with his diverse and classically trained music background. The track eases in with a gentle build like a soft sunrise with muted bass beats that are standard for many house music tracks, but “Get There” makes the last note of the build silent, and hitting strong with synthesizers and vocals. The “Da da da da da dadada” lyrics pushing the song towards the second, more dramatic drop lead into a different type of house music. Instead of an easy listening type beat that opened the track, the second drop is very anthem-like and festival friendly. “Get There” is a story told through a melting pot of sub-genres.

After some strong synths and reprise of lyrics, “Get There” showcases a percussion break that shifts the song into a world of fist pumping and bass thumping, then slides into a mix of a well rounded representation of all the sounds that were experimented with throughout the track. This original track gives the listeners a taste of what Dy3nasty is capable of creating, and is the springboard for what he has in store for the future.


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