Los-Angeles based vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Unspeakable Records label founder, DOT, has built an eclectic discography of critically acclaimed original productions for herself and artists including SZA, Teri GenderBender, Nora Rothman, and more. Now, having relocated to Valencia, Spain in pursuit of her Master’s degree, the artist has absorbed a wealth of sonic influence from her travels around the world that have been compiled into an upcoming EP titled ‘Atomic Age‘ due June 21st. 

Ahead of the project’s full release, the artist real name Kate Ellwanger, is revealing a piece of the project with new singleHigher Higher.” A blend of field recordings, digitally synthesized sounds, live instruments, and meticulously-layered vocals, Ellwanger revels in a multi-layered composition featuring her own vocals and production that creates an otherworldly three-minute listen. “Over the past two years, I downsized a lot of my physical belongings, and have been making music from a backpack-sized recording setup while traveling around the US, Canada, Europe, and North Africa,” explains Ellwanger. “I wanted to challenge myself to make as much music as possible using as few resources as I could, trading a comfortable studio setup for freedom of location. While this has posed a unique set of challenges (mainly around recording engineering and mixing), the experience it has given me has been life-changing.”

If this is your first introduction to the music of DOT, she has been praised by the best in tastemaker media, including features in Pitchfork, LA Weekly, Okayfuture, MTV Brazil, Nest HQ, Rookie, The 405, Nylon, Red Bull,  Ableton, BBC Radio 1xtraand more for her unique take on indie electronic and sixties-inspired dream beats. She is the founder and CEO of Unspeakable Records, an all-female label of producers and musicians, and member of artist collective Team SupremeHer work has been featured on film/TV and commercials with clients including MTV, OWN, Laura Mercier, and a VR Installation score for the LA Times.

Stay tuned for the full release of DOT’s upcoming mixtape, ‘Atomic Age,’ out June 21 via Unspeakable Records