It started about a year ago, when two locally known producers landed on the same lineup for the Austin, Texas based event, Grimefest. Little did they know that this night would be the catalyst to a wild year almost immediately. Their paths as individual producers would soon be blessed with a parallel path to their dreams of creating and performing their music for people to hear. These two fierce females had an instant connection and their newfound friendship became even sweeter when they realized that not only were they both into numerology, but they had the numbers “444” in their Instagram bios. Thus began their journey together as both friends and artists, sharing stages across Texas with their energetic back to back sets. And their names are Saratonin and Zinnia, playing ILLfest 2019 on Saturday, May 25, 2019.


Saratonin’s stage presence is infectious. She may only be 5 foot one, but she is a force to be reckoned with in the EDM world, and there is no one standing still when shes up on stage. This is a contrast to her daily morning meditation, but the bangers that end the night make for a well balanced good time. The meaning of Saratonin’s name is likely different than what you are thinking. This level-headed hustler did not create this name about drugs, but instead it is the brain chemistry that contributes to well-being and happiness. Oh, and her name is Sarah.


Zinnia’s name has a meaning that needs explaining. Defying odds and gravity, Zinnia was the first flower to bloom in the international space station, representing resilience and beauty. It may not be obvious, but she is no stranger to stage fright. With Sarah by her side she gets hyped with the crowd’s energy.


Fresh off their B2B performance at Ubbi Dubbi earlier this year, they are ready to take their talents to Austin for ILLfest 2019.  The recently released lineup for ILLfest reveals the four stages across the EDM festival, one of which is the Texas Bangerz stage where Saratonin and Zinnia will be from 3:10pm to 4:00pm. Throughout the day, catch artists at the Good Vibes, Illevated, and Circle of Love stages to watch Seven Lions, Ghastly, Riot Ten, Kompany and Gramatik.


These two are not only talented, but they are humble, sweet and grateful for the opportunities that they have been given in the year since they met. Individually, they know how to work the crowds. Collectively, they are a two best friends, ready to leave their friends and fans with epic memories that will last forever.