MunchKing is back with a huge new high-energy tune called ‘Turn The Bass Up’. Beginning with an eerie introduction of arpeggios and floaty synths, excitement starts as the drums kick in all before the track chews you up and spits you out forcing you to dance along to the beat and pull a stinking bass face. The eeriness theme of the tune is kept throughout by the usage of a ‘Halloween’ style melody, the multitude of added layers and effects take ‘Turn The Bass Up’ to brand new levels. This Trap inspired Dub-Step is sending a buzz around the scene.


The true identity of MunchKing is unknown to the public. Living in an animated universe, the MunchKing persona is a character based on his pet cat. The unknown producer compares himself to ‘Mickey Mouse playing Bass music’, determined to stay unmasked so that audiences can focus on the music, he has declared all gigs will be played anonymously.


With ‘Turn The Bass Up’ already receiving over 100,000 plays on YouTube just weeks after release, it’s clear that this certainly won’t be the last from MunchKing.


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