Paz’s most recent Gain broadcast is now available to listen to and this week it is full of some incredible music from some of the most talented rising star producers. The 160th edition of Gain features music from the likes of Sebee with his tune ‘We Spoke’, Facundo Mohrr’s ‘Mandancer’, Noequalgod’s ‘Lighthouse of Alexandra’, before closing this week’s show with Luman’s ‘Cascadas’.

Mateo Paz’s Gain has been a labour of love for the last 3 years and has now turned into a platform for tastemakers who love all things Progressive. You can catch new episodes of Gain on Mixcloud and SoundCloud every Sunday.



Listen to Gain #160



Gain 160 Tracklist▼

1. Sebee – We Spoke  [Dubwise Records] (00:00-04:47)

2. Zoo Brazil, Cardi B – Shift Yellow (Dave Andres Edit) (04:47-08:56)

3. Facundo Mohrr – Mandancer  [TRYBESof] (08:56-15:10)

4. Juram – Souvenir (Sanchez & Pietkun Remix) [BC2] (15:10-20:55)

5. Martin Tolosa – Reborn (Rich Curtis Remix) [Massive Harmony Records] (20:55-26:52)

6. Misspent Youth – Trippin (Club Mix) [Ultra] (26:52-32:49)

7. Noequalgods – Lighthouse of Alexandria [Azima Records] (32:49-38:45)

8. Newcorp – track id (38:45-46:44)

9.  CRUXZ, Evegrem – track id (46:44-52:58)

10. Luman – Cascadas [The Purr] (52:58-58:53)