Make no mistake that Hardwell is one of the most clicked-on artists on the planet and a DJ/ producer that stands head and shoulders above the rest. When he announced his retirement from live touring last year to focus on personal projects and take some time out for his mental health, it brought to our attention just some of the amazing performances he has curated over the past decade.

Launching his I AM tour concept in his home of the Netherlands, the musically-rich Amsterdam to be exact, propelled him furthermore into #1 DJ territory, packed wall-to-wall with both his own original productions and classics within the scene, the world sat up and took further notice as he commenced his most incredible tour yet.

Making his first ever touchdown in Istanbul’s KüçükÇiftlik Park, as highlighted via the #StoryOfHardwell recently, proved momentous, as he was also one of the first DJs to play at The Hockenheim race track in Germany and concluded the tour at New York’s iconic Madison Square Gardens, joining history alongside artists that have stepped through the doors including Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Led Zepplin.

Below are some of our favourite sets from the eye-popping  I AM HARDWELL dates over the years that have racked up millions of streams from all over the globe.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013)

2. United We Are, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015)

3. United We Are, Hockenheim, Germany (2016)

4. Lisbon, Portugal (2013)

5. United We Are, Istanbul, Turkey (2015)