With tracks such as ‘Lily Of The Valley’, ‘Ksamil’ and ‘Hyperloop’, Dave Winnel already made countless fans slide to the edge of their seats in anticipation of his brand-new EP, and the wait has finally come to an end. Featuring four sublime tracks designed to push listeners into an almost Trance-like state, ‘Lily Of The Valley (The Journey)’ is the escape from reality so many dance music lovers seek for. The EP is also released in vinyl form.

“The idea for this EP came to life in 2014 when I started working on the successor of a track of mine called ‘The Great Valley’, Dave Winnel explains. ‘The Great Valley’ is named after the destination from the 1988 animated film ‘The Land Before Time’, where Little Foot and his friends tried to reach a place where they can be free and be themselves without a care in the world. Like ‘The Great Valley’, I wanted to write something without thinking, without labels or genres or rules. This EP was all about me letting go of what people might think of the end product, and that’s the predominant feeling I hope will shine through to and for all listeners when they push play.”


Dave Winnel’s new landmark piece features four stellar tracks that are as essential to the vibe of the EP as much as they tell magnificent stories by themselves. Title track ‘Lily Of The Valley’, for instance, was made in 2014 as the successor to ‘The Great Valley’, but was shelved till this very day. And ‘Ksamil’, which was the last of the four tracks to be written, was named after the Albanian beach Dave  spent a month living nearby and contains an actual recording of the washing of the ocean there.


‘Hyperloop’ in turn was created in the studio Dave set up back at his family home, and thus oozes nostalgia whilst building splendidly on a lingering G# note. And ‘Brainbug’, which Dave Winnel states may even be his favorite track of the EP, was heavily inspired by the Trance and Tech Trance records he used to buy as a kid. Naturally, that track will work best on the vinyl version of this EP, which functions as a sort of director’s cut, offering longer, truer versions of each track to amplify the experience.


“I truly hope that listeners will be taken away completely when they press play on the EP or drop the needle on the first groove”, Dave Winnel concludes. “Don’t think about anything; just let it take you on a journey that will hopefully result in pure happiness.”


Known for dozens of infectious singles, collaborations with Armin van Buuren (‘The Race’) and Feenixpawl (‘Find A Way’) and commendable remixes for high-profile artists such as Adam Lambert, Armin van Buuren, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Clean Bandit, Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine, Hardwell and Twenty One Pilots, Dave Winnel is continuously cementing his position atop the dance music scene. Having clocked up millions of streams for several of his originals and remixes as well as support from the scene’s finest, he’s rapidly ascending to dance music stardom. In the years to come, he’s bound to impact the dance music scene greatly in his own extraordinary way as a proud member of the Armada Music family, having only just renewed his deal with the Amsterdam-based record label.