Blank Page is an artist who often produces melodic Progressive House that can set a crowd alight in clubs. He has had quite the career already with signings to some great labels, DJ’ing sold out events and producing more and more music by the day. We caught up with Blank Page to discuss his latest release ‘Imolora’.


What does ‘Imolora’ mean?


Imolora actually means “emotional” in one of the African languages… Which I will explain!

Where did you get your inspiration for ‘Imolora’?


It was originally a remix for a competition. I didn’t win the competition L and sent it to a friend who said he thought it would sound good with more tribal vibes. So I got rid of the original vocal, found some nice tribal chants and sound fx and translated the name!

How is this different to some of your other releases?

This is very different to my normal music to be honest. It’s a lot more chilled, and a lot happier – which isn’t a bad thing! I guess it’s probably not what people would normally expect from me and so that’s why I gave it away as a free download.

Can we hear any of your influences in this track?

The standard thing, which I think is in a lot of my tracks, is the melody, which takes over more in the breakdown. I like to have a clear melodic element in my tracks, which usually appears from me messing around on the piano.

Did you overcome any struggles with this release?

Winning the remix competition I entered with it haha! To be honest this track came together really easy. When I’m doing a remix (which this originally was), I only have to listen to the original and I can pick out what I like about the original and what I would have done differently. The hardest bit was trying to find the right samples though when I decided to convert it to an original.

What are your goals this year for producing music?

This year is all about putting out more music. I have 3 new tracks lined up for release and I want to make it 5 before the end of the year. I’ve really started to find my sound the last few months (Imolora is an exception haha), and I’ve managed to cut back on my job as I still work! So I want to make the most of the time and release tune, after tune, after tune… After tune!

What’s your favourite release at the moment?

No doubt a track called “Get Me High” by Franky Wah – go check it out if you haven’t heard it! It’s an awesome half-time track… It’s so different from what you normally hear!

What is the one piece of advice you wish you were given when you were taking your first steps in your career?

I actually had this piece of advice – but I didn’t listen haha! And it was “don’t release your first tracks, you think you’ll be ready but you aren’t.” I didn’t listen to that and I wish I did because you just haven’t found your sound. Anyone reading this, when you think you’re ready, count how many songs you’ve finished (like properly finished), and then double it. THEN maybe you’ll be ready for release.

What else have you got planned this year?

Well I’ve started supporting some local promoters in Oxford so I’ve got a few gigs planned with them. But most importantly I’m going to be putting on my own event! Big news! You heard it here first! But yeah, I’m going to be putting on an event with my buddy Into The Ether – quick shout out to him because he’s an awesome producer! We’ve decided to get together and put on a melodic/progressive house event in the midlands, so stay tuned for that!

Finally, where can we go to download ‘Imolora’?

So obviously a lot of people stream nowadays so it’s available on Spotify and all other streaming sites, but if you want the real physical (actually digital) copy, then head over to my Soundcloud and you can grab it there!


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