UFO Project just dropped a new track called “Smoke”, and for lack of better terms, this one is a banger. This melting pot of genres makes the song far from a one dimensional sound or classification. “Smoke” samples a modified vocal, deepened to emphasize the subject of the song, accurately represented by the song title.

The track is heavier on the hip-hop, chill-trap sound and tempo, with the intentionally incorporated breaks that will make your ears perk up to hear how the next eight bars will sound. The melody is sung by the lower strings of a violin, almost as if it were the heart of the track, and is the last instrument heard at the end of the song. An orchestra like brass section is heard in the first half of the song, pieced out so the sounds are compliments to the track instead of the focus, and fall off for the second half of the song without being noticeably missing.

This is a perfect song to play at a house party, when the fun is just starting and people are starting to warm up to the vibe, but before the club hits take over and the crowd jumps around to their “jam”.  This track may not be a festival anthem, but with the multi genre appeal, “Smoke” is sure to be favorited and played on repeat by music lovers and audiophiles everywhere.


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