Lie Machine” by Alex Vela brings a South Beach lounge vibe to a song about the complicated part of a relationship, and interpreting the lyrics brought so many theories to what the song is about . “Lie Machine” is what the singer uses to describe their eyes, and their ability to see right through those very lies they are telling. The song is almost like an outlet to vent to, and addresses their unhappiness in the relationship lyrics with like “why do you think I don’t know when you’re lying”.

Instead of being upset about the lying, the lyrics are compassionate, as “I wish you would confide in me” is less about the lie itself but the dissatisfaction of feeling the need to lie. The song is asking for the truth, and the answer will be forgiven because of their neglect of providing an environment that embraces truth above all.

Seeing as almost everyone who has been in some sort of relationship in their lives, the subject of lying is almost as universal as it gets.  Still, this has a more feminine appeal, one that seems appropriate for a girls night playlist. This song would fit perfectly within the ranks of popular EDM club hits where the drinks hit the table and the group sings the chorus together.

Among Alex Vela’s recent releases including “Say It”, this song also has a catchy intro with few instruments that compose the song in its entirety. Flutes, vocals with harmonies and deep bass are parts of the song’s core sound, with an intro, verse, chorus and the pieces to make this song complete with multiple interpretations that ultimately makes the song meaningful enought to listen to over and over again.