Groove On, Wild Pitch has been Universally championed by some of the very best House DJ’s and aficionados, is an explosive and seminal masterpiece of Acid House music. It is being released as two separate mixes Part 1 and Part 2, both of which are eleven minutes of an intense hypnotic groove.


Writer and producer Mani Shoniwa, who was responsible for the original version of ‘Groove On’ and the timeless classic ‘Voodoo Soul’ album has worked with DJ Pierre, a key pioneer in Acid House to develop this groovy remake. The revamping of this timeless classic has already been receiving glowing reviews from the likes of DJ Mag who states that this is a ‘devastating rework’ and Data Transmission who praises DJ Pierre for applying his sonic signature to create a classic piece of music.


‘Groove On, Wild Pitch’ has been reworked, re-mastered and reissued and is out now on Black Sugar Music. Listen and purchase ‘Groove On – Wild Pitch’ on the links below.


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