Tommy Jones has created a stunning Don Diablo inspired Future House tune called ‘Not That Easy’, it features bright chords, emotional lyrics and infectious beats. The track gradually builds all the way up to an unexpected drop that pleasantly surprises the listener; ‘Not That Easy’ features another surprise mid-section where the bass switches up its pace. With its many crescendos and uplifting melodies this tune takes you on a journey and gets you ready for those summer months.


Born and raised in Mexico, Tommy moved to America to pursue his career as a DJ and producer. After launching himself into the scene with his debut track ‘Orange’ back in 2016 his career has gone from strength to strength with releases such as ‘Monkey Dance’, Calling Your Name’ and ‘Summertime Dreaming’. Tommy has collaborated with some of the industry’s best producers and has performed in legendary venues such as Midnight Club, Eve Orlando and Clayton’s Beach Bar.


Tommy Jones’ ‘Not That Easy’ is out now on Beatport’s top #10 Electro-House, Digital Empire Records.


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